10 Things to Know About Women Running Shoes


10 Things to Know About Women Running ShoesWhen choosing a running shoe, you should always go for the one that fits your foot perfectly. Buying a smaller size or bigger size may lead to foot injuries. Shoes made for running are different from our normal work shoes. When it comes to women’s shoes, there are certain design features that you need to know.

The Upper

These are the materials that cover up the sides and top of the shoes. The upper is normally made from tough material but light to ensure stability throughout running. Some shoes are also designed with an inter-woven mesh to minimize the effects of wear and tear.


These are materials that are welded or sewn to the upper. The overlays are meant to provide stability and structure to the running shoe.

Heel Counter

This is a firm cup-shaped piece of plastic which is inserted in between soft materials at the back of the shoe. This piece is included in the women’s running shoes to provide stability and to keep the foot straight when each step is made. The heel counter also determines the posture adopted while running.


10 Things to Know About Women Running ShoesThe midsole holds the shoe cushioning. This is the part that is between the foot and the outsole of the shoe. For perfect softness and cushioning, the material of the midsole is mainly foam. The main function of the midsole in women’s running shoe is to provide the underfoot with protection. In women’s running shoes, the midsole are thick since ladies have a higher foot arch.


This is a thin piece of material that is inserted inside the shoe. Insoles come in different materials and thickness depending on the arch support required by the runner. Most insoles for runners are treated with anti-stink substances.


The sidewall is the part of the shoe that surrounds the arch and the side of the foot. Running shoes generally offer more sidewall protection to counter any issues that might occur along the way.


10 Things to Know About Women Running ShoesThis is the opening on top where the foot enters the shoe. Running shoes are padded with soft material to ensure cushioning and comfort during races.


This is soft foam material inserted in women’s running shoes in the heel and around the midsole to provide stability during running. Cushioning also protects the runner from heel pain and other conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Toe Bumper

This is a small piece of rubber that is inserted on the shoe front to protect the toes when the foot hits against something hard. The toe bumper also keeps the front part of the shoe firmly fastened against the outsole to prevent the sole from peeling off.


This outsole is the underside part of the shoe that makes contact with the ground when running. The outsole is made from different types of rubber. Grooves are also created in the outsole to ensure a firm grip on the ground and avoid slipping.


A good running shoe comes with the right materials to give you comfort and stability when you are running. There are different varieties of women’s running shoes out there designed with the genetics of women in mind.