3 Good Reasons for Runners to Build an Outdoor Shower

3 Good Reasons for Runners to Build an Outdoor ShowerThe first thing that you want to focus on when building an outdoor shower is to have high quality material to work with. If you want to enjoy your shower the shower head needs to be of high quality.  If you have found a place to install the outdoor shower the next step is to gather material and start building.

It has been said many times that exercise is the best treatment. This is true and is backed up by solid scientific data. In fact, a good run of about thirty minutes every day has more health benefits than any medicine a doctor can give. It has been shown that a good run is important in improving one’s physical and emotional state. It has also been linked to longevity.

The first step in becoming good at it is to have the right equipment. This means the right clothes and shoes. Shoes are particularly important for a good run. Otherwise, one might end up damaging their feet. This could lead to unnecessary complications.

For beginners, it is essential they begin slowly and build up their speed over time. The body adapts slowly, especially for people above forty years. Thus, one should take their time to let the body adjust naturally. It is also essential to go for regular check-ups, especially for those above forty years.

One should make sure they protect their skin. A good sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 should be used. It is also essential to choose a route carefully. Generally, avoid areas that may be deemed unsafe. Thus, the route to be used should be planned for. Another point to consider is traffic; generally, one should use a route with little traffic. A park would be one of the best places to run. If it is not possible, one should choose their running periods to be during hours of low traffic. Too much traffic will mean that one inhales exhaust fumes from vehicles.

Major Benefits of Running

3 Good Reasons for Runners to Build an Outdoor ShowerOne of the best advantages of running is that it makes one a better partner. Doctors have shown that people who run often also tend to have a higher sex drive. As a result, if one’s relationship appears to be suffering, exercising is a great way to change one’s fortunes. The running has also been associated with improved fertility in men. It has been proven that running is one of the easiest ways to increase sperm count.

Another well-documented health documented is happiness. There is actually scientific evidence to support this claim. When is in low moods, the body produces a substance known as kynurenine. This substance is commonly associated with depression if left to accumulate. Exercising, such as running helps to purge the

body of this substance. The result is that one leads a happier life. Running also activates the release of serotonin. The substance is normally associated with an upbeat mood and better brain function.

Why Build a Shower Outdoor?

#1 One reason is that a shower is one of the best ways to cool down after a long run. In the summer, an outdoor shower can work wonders. One does not have to rush back into the house after a run. The outdoors shower works well in helping one to cool down. It can especially great if it is located some distance from the house.

#2 Another reason is that it helps keep the dirt out of the house. Running can be at times messy. In addition, the kids playing outside can get a bit too dirty. This is a convenient way of avoiding bringing dirt into the house.

#3 The third reason is that an outside shower can also be a convenient way to clean the pet. One will find that pets enjoy taking a bath outside and are less stressful. In most cases, pets will see the outside shower as a way to cool down especially in the summer heat. Thus they will be more cooperative in the entire exercise.

Best Types of Shower Heads

3 Good Reasons for Runners to Build an Outdoor ShowerThe best types of showerheads to use in outdoor showers are those made of stainless steel or other types of metal. One excellent shower head that has been placed high on the Top 10 shower head lists in the last few years is the Hansgrohe 27474001 with the innovative AirPower technology that gives you a powerfull massage while you shower.

The physics behind this is very simple. An outdoor showerhead is exposed to UV light. If one were to use showerheads with plastics, they would have to replace them on a regular basis. UV light from the sun can be very unforgiving on plastic items. Sometimes the water pressure in outdoor showers is low so think about buying a high pressure shower head for low water pressure so you don’t run into a low water pressure problem with your shower. Emphasis should be placed on functionality rather than finishing.

Any coating on the showerhead will erode in a short while due to exposure to the elements anyway. Make sure that the equipment used in outdoor showerheads is sturdy.

Tankless Water Heater for Shower

Purchasing a small portable tankless water heater could be an option if you plan to have your outdoor shower away from your house. If you plan to have your shower next to your house you can setup a whole house tankless water heater to deal with the extra shower.


There are many benefits of an outdoor showerhead. If one likes running, it would be a great way to avoid bringing all that dirt into the house after a sweaty running session.