7 Key Benefits of the Flex Belt for Runners

7 Key Benefits of the Flex Belt for RunnersThe FlexBelt is proven to tone, strengthen, and tighten your abdominal muscles in just a matter of weeks. For just 30 minutes per day, you’ll be able to build rock hard abs that use patented technology to stimulate the nerves to make your muscles grow naturally. As a result, the Flex Belt is one of the best tools for runners, who understand the value of having powerful abdominal muscles. Here are 7 key benefits of this powerful muscle-building technology.

1. Natural weight loss

The Flex Belt doesn’t promise to help you lose weight, but nonetheless, athletes who use this technology find that they do lose weight. This is because the EMS technology, or “electrical muscle stimulation,” helps to get your muscles contracting and expanding. Thus, your abs get stronger by themselves, making it easy to exercise. And the easier it is for you to exercise, the easier it is to lose weight. By simply using the Flex Belt for 30 minutes a day, you’ll find the pounds begin to shed themselves.

2. Stronger core muscles

As the Flex Belt targets your abdominal muscles, you’ll naturally begin to build a stronger set of core muscles through using it. For runners, the core muscles through the torso are activated for each run you do. Having a strong core is integral to powerful runs. Your entire body will function better; the lungs can take in air more easily, the legs are supported better, and your arms can move more powerfully, all because of the strength of your core muscles.

3. Fast results

Unlike crunches and pull-ups — which you generally have to do hundreds of in the gym to see results — the Flex Belt just requires 30 minutes a day to deliver quick results. Runners can start to see stronger abs in just a week or two.

4. Easy to use

Nope, you don’t have to go from one pain-inducing machine to another to get a strong set of abs and a toned stomach. All you need to do is strap on the Flex Belt. And what’s great about it is you can use it anywhere, anytime; even if you are busy doing something else.

7 Key Benefits of the Flex Belt for Runners

5. Any level of fitness

Whether you’re a casual exerciser or just a fitness enthusiast in great shape, if you want better abs, this product delivers. It is designed to help anyone — seniors, people with sore backs, or anyone who wants to get more attractive abs. It doesn’t matter what type of shape you’re in or what level of fitness you are at; this belt can be used by anyone.

6. Proven by 100% EMS-based science and FDA approved

The FDA has approved the Flex Belt as a class II medical device, ready to be used by anyone. It has actually been used in Ireland professionally for weight loss clinics, as some users were not able to exercise on their own before getting the belt. But after picking it up, users of the belt have seen huge results — which has made running a lot more easy. Since the belt helps you lose weight around your middle, it’s natural to be able to work out more effectively after using it.

7. Comfortable and effective

The Flex Belt generates contractions around your core that target all your ab muscles in just 30 minutes. Thus, you’ll have gone through an entire vigorous workout — without doing any exercise! The flex belt is comfortable for runners, who can use it on the trail, at home, or anywhere at all. This tool is an effective, powerful addition to your home gym, especially as a runner.