No Dehydration: Keep Juicing Your Body Before Racing


Keep Juicing Your Body Before RacingThe human body is not built to withstand high temperature and lack of water. It is well known that one can survive without food for a month. The same would be nearly impossible for a normal person if they had no water for more than three days. This problem becomes compounded when one engages in a race. The human body tries to compensate for increased temperatures by sweating. However, this leads to a great loss of water, which reduces the performance of the muscles.

Drinking the Right Amount

Taking too much water can be a problem. As a result, one needs to know just how much to drink before the race begins. For instance, if one drinks too much water just before a race, they will have water swishing inside their stomach. This will undoubtedly slow one down. However, if one fails to drink water before the race begins, they will have to keep rehydrating throughout the race. Establishing the delicate balance of how much to drink usually take practice. On average, women should take less water than men should. This is because women have less muscle mass, as a result their body require less water. Taking too much water could also be dangerous for the body. For one, it lowers the electrolyte concentration in the blood, which can be hard to recover.

Juice with Supplements

Taking supplements can have tremendous benefits for the body. It speeds up muscle regeneration. Most supplements will also have nutrients essential to muscle development. This will ensure that the body has access to the right nutrients for optimal muscle growth. Underdevelopment muscles can present a challenge for athletes during a race.
The supplements also help the body replenish nutrients lost due to the intensive activity of running. However, it is important that the supplement is water based. Water is key to any athlete winning a race. If one goes to a race ill hydrated, they will definitely fall back. For those who run competitively, this can be quite a challenge. Most races are won by a few seconds and losing the competitive edge could prove disastrous.

Why It is Important

Keep Juicing Your Body Before RacingRecent studies indicate that athletes who hydrate just before a race finish about two minutes earlier. This is because low hydration lowers the body’s blood volume. With lower blood volume, the heart has to pump more times to meet the body’s requirements. However, because the blood is moving faster, most of the organs cannot be supplied with enough oxygen to perform optimally. This includes organs such as the muscles. This will mean the athlete performs dismally, well below their full capacity. What you can do is prepare juices filled with fruits you pick yourself during the preparation time before the marathon. A good juicer will keep the fibers in the juice so read juicer reviews before you commit to a product in order to find a good fit for what you are looking for, in this case running a marathon.


Racers, who ignore the significance of hydrating just before a race, do so at their own risk. The health benefits are well documented and are backed by scientific findings. Besides, with so much training time between races, it would not hurt to test it out a few times. This will also enable one to gauge just how much water they need to consume before a race.