Which to Prefer? Playing Golf or Participating on Marathon


Burning calories is a big part of why most people play sports. One of the easiest ways to do this is to participate in a marathon. However, for some, a game of golf is the way to go. Both of these have their advantages and the body will most definitely benefit in a huge way.

Playing Golf

Playing Golf or Participating on MarathonGolf is a game typically associated with the well-off in society. Thus, it is a popular way for most executives to mingle while burning some calories. However, golf can be quite expensive. For instance, when one joins a golf club, they have to pay monthly expenses whether they play or not. Sometimes, it can take months to gain membership.

The other downside to playing golf is that one has to travel in order to play; this can be miles away, further contributing to it being expensive. Another downside to golf is that it is not great for cardiac exercises. The game of golf is played slowly and thus, the heart is not forced to work overtime. The hours one would have to play golf in order to shed calories is also quite high. Playing golf for just a few minutes a day may thus be not very practical so you need to practice quite often and even setup a golf training facility in your home which can work out to be expensive as you will need things to practice with like a golf practice net, golf mats, and golf simulator that can run on hundreds of dollars.

However, the game does have its advantages. For one, one gets to improve their social standing, which might be great for identifying career opportunities. It also presents one with the opportunity to relax and free their mind of strenuous thought. Old people who find it difficult to participate in fast-paced sports would definitely enjoy a game of golf. If you are interested in starting to play golf or want to learn about golf equipment you can check out Dr Golf Reviews.com for detailed information.

Participating In a Marathon

Playing Golf or Participating on MarathonOne of the greatest advantages of a marathon is that it is quite cheap to participate. One only needs to buy some good training shoes and the appropriate clothes to ensure comfort. Preparing for a marathon can take weeks; this is an opportunity for the body to get some needed training. This training is good for strengthening the heart muscles and increasing lung capacity. By growing body endurance, it has been demonstrated that one can also handle stressful situations better.

Participating in a marathon is a great way to cut the fat. In just a few minutes of running, the body loses more calories than an hour playing golf. Clearly, anybody who wants to lose weight should consider running a marathon over playing golf. However, playing golf would be a great way to start the process. The other advantage of a marathon is that it does not require any specialized venue for training. One can run almost anywhere, including in the street outside their home. However, one needs to be careful of traffic. One way of doing this is to wear reflective clothing, especially if the running sessions are scheduled early in the morning.


Making the choice between running in a marathon or playing golf might not be easy. Both have advantages for the body. Playing golf would be a great way to start participating in sport and then later participating in a marathon. This will cement any gains made from playing golf.