Why Running Training Is Necessary for Marathon’s Participants?


Why Running Training Is Necessary for Marathon’s ParticipantsRunning training is very important for everyone planning to participate in a marathon. This helps to build endurance and cover greater distances during the actual marathon. Running training helps the runner to build confidence and achieve mileages when participating in the real marathon.

The marathon is a huge task and should not be taken lightly by those who have never participated before. Beginners should therefore undertake at least four months of running training. They should train four days per week if their goal is to merely finish the race. Professionals undertake even six months for running training to ensure that they are in top shape during the main event.

Before beginning a marathon training program, health professionals’ advice that the runner should maintain a running program consistently. This should be done for more than five weeks. This initial program is to give the body a smooth transition into the stresses that come with hard training regimes. The marathon running training should be a mix between easy and hard programs to allow the body muscles enough time for recovery. This will also help to minimize injuries.

Mental Benefits

Running a marathon and completing is not a task that can be completed by the faint-hearted. This is the reason why it is considered a very big achievement by those who finish it. The physical difficulty itself is compelling. On top of that, many runners planning to participate in a marathon are often intimidated by the feeling of covering all those miles. Most always doubt their ability to finish that distance. The reason why running is necessary for a marathon is because, those weeks of practice, help you to build a self belief that it can be accomplished.

Increasing your daily mileage slowly registers in your brain and gives you the confidence that you need to finish the actual race. Those running training drill helps the runner to build on their mental toughness and coping skills. A lot of things can occur during the real marathon day such as blisters, rain, stomach aches and leg cramps. It is much better to deal with them during training and develop coping mechanisms.

Why Running Training Is Necessary for Marathon’s Participants

Physical Benefits

Apart from the physiological benefits obtained during running training, the runner also puts his body in peak condition for the 22.6 miles marathon distance. Running training helps runners to increase their aerobic capacity, muscle fibres attain increased capillary growth and the heart grows stronger.

A major benefit that is acquired during running training for marathoners is the increase in muscle strength. During the initial days of running training the body relies on the low twitch muscles which fatigue easily. With increased intensity, the body starts relying on the fast twitch muscles. The only way to build fast twitch muscles and avoid injuries during the marathon day is through running training especially long distances. Doing long runs during running training also helps the body to store significant amounts of glycogen required during the hard tasks


Running training is a non-negotiable thing that every person who intends to participate in a marathon ought to do. Not only does it build your physiological strength, but also puts your body in good physical condition to finish the marathon.

Build Thigh Muscles With the Help of Elliptical


Build Thigh Muscles With the Help of EllipticalMost people want to be able to get ready for a marathon but experience joint problems. An elliptical is a great way to avoid this. It burns the same amount of calories while keeping the strain away from the hips and knee joints. This is especially great for people who are recovering from a foot injury.

Requirements for A Marathon

When one is training for a marathon, sometimes it may lead to a great increase in muscle mass. This is especially the case for thigh muscles. The result is that one may end up with a figure that they may not like so much. The elliptical has a number of advantages, first it stops the excessive muscle build up in the lower body. At the same time, one is able to burn calories since the machine forces one to use both upper and lower body muscles.

The greatest advantage for a marathoner is the cardiac exercise. Being able to keep the heart pumping huge volumes for sustained periods is essential to winning a marathon or making it to the end. The use of elliptical has gone up tremendously in less than two decades. This is proof of the advantages most people derive from this machine. Elliptical are designed primarily for cardiac exercises. Besides that, they help the body burn huge amounts of calories without causing muscle build up. They are thus a great machine for people who want to participate in a marathon while maintaining a trim figure.

Building Thigh Muscles

While elliptical do not cause excessive buildup of thigh muscles, they are great for keeping them toned. The way this works is that they help to stretch out these muscles. When one uses the elliptical, they are able to increase stride tremendously. Having stretched muscles is essential to winning a marathon. The result is that one makes fewer step throughout the race. This means that one is able to conserve more of their energy and have enough left for the final kick at the end. People often shy away from buying their own elliptical due to the high price but a quick search shows there are some good ellipticals under $ 1000 available online.

Build Thigh Muscles With the Help of EllipticalThe machine is also great for building the gluteus Maximus. It helps to keep them activated, these muscles and the thigh muscles are not properly targeted with pure field training. In most cases, they remain underdeveloped. If one does manage to develop them, it comes at a great expense to the joint such as the knees and hips. In order to make maximum gains for the thigh muscles, one needs to make sure they are fully extended. This is as opposed to the closed in type of cycling common with bikes. The more stretched out the legs re, the easier it is to target the thigh muscles.


Generally, elliptical are a great machine for developing thigh muscles and other types of muscles. It activates them without putting too much strain on the joints. It is also a great way to build up strength in the heart muscles. People with a recent joint injury who wish to continue training should consider this machine.

5 Healthy Foods for Runners


5 Healthy Foods for RunnersRunners require a healthy diet plan to stay fit and have enough energy levels. This will help them to overcome the intense demands of practice sessions and real marathons. With so many processed foods in our supermarkets and shops, we can easily get confused and end up with the wrong food choices. These are some of the healthy foods for runners.

1. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes provide our bodies with vitamin c, iron, potassium, and minerals such as manganese and copper. A 100 – calorie sweet potato, gives the body more than 250% of the daily requirements of vitamin A which is supplied in the form of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a powerful anti-oxidant. Manganese and copper are required for optimal muscle functionality which can affect performance levels. Sweet potatoes can be baked or boiled but for best nutrient retention, they should be cooked with a pressure cooker.

2. Whole Grain Pasta

Pasta is a food stuff that is preferred by most runners because it has a high content of carbohydrates that are easily digestible. These digestible carbohydrates are very essential in helping body to rebuild energy and useful during recovery. Whole grains contain a high fiber content, extra vitamin Bs and are very important in the metabolism of energy. They also contain disease fighting compounds called lignans. Pasta can be mixed with vegetables, seafood, lean meat or combined with a light sauce. This is a good whole meal perfect for every runner.

3. Chicken

Protein requirements for runners are about 50% more than non-runners. This high protein content is required for muscle rebuilding and recovery after those intense practice sessions. A quarter chicken can provide a runner with more than half of their daily protein requirements. Chicken also contains selenium which is a rare element but very useful in protecting the muscles from damage brought by free-radical. Runners are people who do not have much time for cooking. With a pressure cooker, you will only take 10 minutes to prepare your favorite chicken meal.

4. Salmon

When it comes to a diet of fish, salmon is the ultimate king. Salmon provides a runners body with a high quality protein. On top of that, it is one of the best sources of omega 3 fats. Omega 3 fats are important in balancing the body’s response to inflammation. Inflammation response is a body condition which leads to asthma when disturbed.. According to the American journal of health, people with exercise induced asthma improved in three weeks after eating a salmon diet.. Salmon can be baked or grilled, but again it is advisable to use a pressure cooker to enjoy all the benefits associated with it. Salmon should not be cooked for more than 10 minutes which makes it ideal to use a pressure cooker.5 Healthy Foods for Runners

5. Eggs

A single egg gives the body 10% of the daily protein needs. Other than the human breast milk, the other source of complete food protein is an egg. Eggs contain all the important amino acids that are required to for muscle fuel and recovery during exercises. One egg also gives the body 30% of the require vitamin K which is important for healthy bones. Eggs can be scrambled or boiled.


The schedule of a runner is very demanding. With a poor selection of food choices, you can fail to realize any gains as a result of under-performance and fatigue. To hit peak levels, the foods listed above will help you. For better nutrient retention, use a pressure cooker.

3 Good Reasons for Runners to Build an Outdoor Shower

3 Good Reasons for Runners to Build an Outdoor ShowerThe first thing that you want to focus on when building an outdoor shower is to have high quality material to work with. If you want to enjoy your shower the shower head needs to be of high quality.  If you have found a place to install the outdoor shower the next step is to gather material and start building.

It has been said many times that exercise is the best treatment. This is true and is backed up by solid scientific data. In fact, a good run of about thirty minutes every day has more health benefits than any medicine a doctor can give. It has been shown that a good run is important in improving one’s physical and emotional state. It has also been linked to longevity.

The first step in becoming good at it is to have the right equipment. This means the right clothes and shoes. Shoes are particularly important for a good run. Otherwise, one might end up damaging their feet. This could lead to unnecessary complications.

For beginners, it is essential they begin slowly and build up their speed over time. The body adapts slowly, especially for people above forty years. Thus, one should take their time to let the body adjust naturally. It is also essential to go for regular check-ups, especially for those above forty years.

One should make sure they protect their skin. A good sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 should be used. It is also essential to choose a route carefully. Generally, avoid areas that may be deemed unsafe. Thus, the route to be used should be planned for. Another point to consider is traffic; generally, one should use a route with little traffic. A park would be one of the best places to run. If it is not possible, one should choose their running periods to be during hours of low traffic. Too much traffic will mean that one inhales exhaust fumes from vehicles.

Major Benefits of Running

3 Good Reasons for Runners to Build an Outdoor ShowerOne of the best advantages of running is that it makes one a better partner. Doctors have shown that people who run often also tend to have a higher sex drive. As a result, if one’s relationship appears to be suffering, exercising is a great way to change one’s fortunes. The running has also been associated with improved fertility in men. It has been proven that running is one of the easiest ways to increase sperm count.

Another well-documented health documented is happiness. There is actually scientific evidence to support this claim. When is in low moods, the body produces a substance known as kynurenine. This substance is commonly associated with depression if left to accumulate. Exercising, such as running helps to purge the

body of this substance. The result is that one leads a happier life. Running also activates the release of serotonin. The substance is normally associated with an upbeat mood and better brain function.

Why Build a Shower Outdoor?

#1 One reason is that a shower is one of the best ways to cool down after a long run. In the summer, an outdoor shower can work wonders. One does not have to rush back into the house after a run. The outdoors shower works well in helping one to cool down. It can especially great if it is located some distance from the house.

#2 Another reason is that it helps keep the dirt out of the house. Running can be at times messy. In addition, the kids playing outside can get a bit too dirty. This is a convenient way of avoiding bringing dirt into the house.

#3 The third reason is that an outside shower can also be a convenient way to clean the pet. One will find that pets enjoy taking a bath outside and are less stressful. In most cases, pets will see the outside shower as a way to cool down especially in the summer heat. Thus they will be more cooperative in the entire exercise.

Best Types of Shower Heads

3 Good Reasons for Runners to Build an Outdoor ShowerThe best types of showerheads to use in outdoor showers are those made of stainless steel or other types of metal. One excellent shower head that has been placed high on the Top 10 shower head lists in the last few years is the Hansgrohe 27474001 with the innovative AirPower technology that gives you a powerfull massage while you shower.

The physics behind this is very simple. An outdoor showerhead is exposed to UV light. If one were to use showerheads with plastics, they would have to replace them on a regular basis. UV light from the sun can be very unforgiving on plastic items. Sometimes the water pressure in outdoor showers is low so think about buying a high pressure shower head for low water pressure so you don’t run into a low water pressure problem with your shower. Emphasis should be placed on functionality rather than finishing.

Any coating on the showerhead will erode in a short while due to exposure to the elements anyway. Make sure that the equipment used in outdoor showerheads is sturdy.

Tankless Water Heater for Shower

Purchasing a small portable tankless water heater could be an option if you plan to have your outdoor shower away from your house. If you plan to have your shower next to your house you can setup a whole house tankless water heater to deal with the extra shower.


There are many benefits of an outdoor showerhead. If one likes running, it would be a great way to avoid bringing all that dirt into the house after a sweaty running session.