Why Running Training Is Necessary for Marathon’s Participants?


Why Running Training Is Necessary for Marathon’s ParticipantsRunning training is very important for everyone planning to participate in a marathon. This helps to build endurance and cover greater distances during the actual marathon. Running training helps the runner to build confidence and achieve mileages when participating in the real marathon.

The marathon is a huge task and should not be taken lightly by those who have never participated before. Beginners should therefore undertake at least four months of running training. They should train four days per week if their goal is to merely finish the race. Professionals undertake even six months for running training to ensure that they are in top shape during the main event.

Before beginning a marathon training program, health professionals’ advice that the runner should maintain a running program consistently. This should be done for more than five weeks. This initial program is to give the body a smooth transition into the stresses that come with hard training regimes. The marathon running training should be a mix between easy and hard programs to allow the body muscles enough time for recovery. This will also help to minimize injuries.

Mental Benefits

Running a marathon and completing is not a task that can be completed by the faint-hearted. This is the reason why it is considered a very big achievement by those who finish it. The physical difficulty itself is compelling. On top of that, many runners planning to participate in a marathon are often intimidated by the feeling of covering all those miles. Most always doubt their ability to finish that distance. The reason why running is necessary for a marathon is because, those weeks of practice, help you to build a self belief that it can be accomplished.

Increasing your daily mileage slowly registers in your brain and gives you the confidence that you need to finish the actual race. Those running training drill helps the runner to build on their mental toughness and coping skills. A lot of things can occur during the real marathon day such as blisters, rain, stomach aches and leg cramps. It is much better to deal with them during training and develop coping mechanisms.

Why Running Training Is Necessary for Marathon’s Participants

Physical Benefits

Apart from the physiological benefits obtained during running training, the runner also puts his body in peak condition for the 22.6 miles marathon distance. Running training helps runners to increase their aerobic capacity, muscle fibres attain increased capillary growth and the heart grows stronger.

A major benefit that is acquired during running training for marathoners is the increase in muscle strength. During the initial days of running training the body relies on the low twitch muscles which fatigue easily. With increased intensity, the body starts relying on the fast twitch muscles. The only way to build fast twitch muscles and avoid injuries during the marathon day is through running training especially long distances. Doing long runs during running training also helps the body to store significant amounts of glycogen required during the hard tasks


Running training is a non-negotiable thing that every person who intends to participate in a marathon ought to do. Not only does it build your physiological strength, but also puts your body in good physical condition to finish the marathon.